9 Products That *INSTANTLY* Decrease Stress

Most of us are living in a pretty constant state of stress these days, am I right? (I know I often am!) Sometimes it’s easy to forget there are several simple, relatively-cheap, and super-effective ways to instantly decrease stress. Below, I share nine anti-stress solutions I’ve uncovered that have made such a difference for me.

All of the products I mention have been shown to reduce stress, improve mood, and help us unwind and relax after a busy day. Seriously, these things will blow your mind! Give them a try today, or consider gifting them to that mega-stressed person in your life. And then let me know how it goes…or if I missed anything!

#1: DHA SUPPLEMENT. For those who don’t know, DHA is a fat that plays a key role in brain function as well as the cardiovascular system. DHA is one of the omega-3 fats recommended by the American Heart Association and USDA Dietary Guidelines for good health. It fights inflammation and lowers risk of chronic diseases, can lower your blood pressure & support better circulation. But more importantly, it’s a natural mood booster and is associated with reduced risk of depression. Obviously you should check with a medical professional, but it hugely helpful when I was going through postpartum depression, and I continue to take it on a regular basis because I notice such a difference between when I take it and when I don’t. I personally love the Nordic Naturals version in strawberry. This brand is verified non-GMO and “Friend of the Sea,” as well as third-party Purity Tested. It runs about $45 for 180 capsules…roughly $0.25 each! Can’t beat that!

Nordic Naturals DHA Omega 3 Supplement in Strawberry
Nature's Sunshine Distress Remedy

#2: DISTRESS REMEDY. My mom has been giving me Nature’s Sunshine Distress Remedy since I was a child, and I still take it (and give it to my kids) on a regular basis. I swear by this stuff! I’ve found that it definitely follows through on restoring emotional balance whenever I’m stressed or overwhelmed. It’s a flower-essence formula (meaning that it’s made of all-natural flower extracts), tastes, AMAZING, and runs about $26 for a 2-ounce bottle. You just take a few drops by mouth or put a dropper-ful in water. Trust me, you NEED to have this on hand!

Note: It’s typically cheaper to order this directly through the Nature’s Sunshine website. Anyone can get the special “Member” price if they just buy $40+ in product!

#3: LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL IN A DIFFUSER. You probably guessed this was coming. 😉 Lavender is a well-known anxiety reliever, shown to help quiet the brain and nervous system. It’s great for aromatherapy, can improve sleep quality, and has even been proven to help improve mild to moderate depression.

There are a lot of great brands out there and you can use any essential oil you want, but I often use the Young Living brand of lavender (~$17), and then I love this Purest Naturals wood diffuser that has seven colors, up to ten hours of continuous mist, and (thankfully for this absent-minded mama) an auto shut-off feature so it turns itself off automatically whenever it runs out of water. It’s around $15 on Amazon…such a steal!

Purest Naturals Wood Diffuser
Young Living Lavender Essential Oil
Scalp Massager (2-Pack)

#4: SCALP MASSAGER. I know this thing (sometimes called a “head tingler” or a “head scratcher”) looks funny, but I promise you it is suuuuuuuuuper soothing. It miraculously reaches all these pressure-points on your scalp to help you relax. You can either use it on yourself or have someone do it to you. The one I have was less than $7 for two! Works like a charm and has held up for years!

#5: BABO BOTANICALS CALMING BUBBLE BATH AND WASH. Having established all the health and anti-stress benefits of lavender earlier, you’ll definitely want to soak in a bubble-bath of this lavender and meadowsweet version. True confession: I think it was originally designed for kids—and it’s what I use for mine—but I love using it for myself as well. I am a huge fan of the Babo Botanicals brand because it’s sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free, formaldehyde free and verified by the Environmental Working Group. A 15-ounce bottle typically runs about $13, but it lasts forever…plus I usually get it cheaper using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature or at Vitacost.

Babo Botanicals Calming Shampoo, Bubble Bath, & Wash in Lavender
Sharper Image Microwavable Neck and Shoulder Wrap

#6: NECK & SHOULDER WRAP. Nothing soothes tense muscles and a sore, stressed-out neck like a heatable neck and shoulder wrap. The weight feels amazing and the warmth speeds up the relaxation process. Even a sock with rice can work, but I’m a big fan of this one from Sharper Image. It’s around $25 on Amazon, microwavable, and uber-durable.

#7: NATURAL CALM MAGNESIUM ANTI-STRESS SUPPLEMENT POWDER. Prior to about a year ago, I didn’t realize just how crucial magnesium is for our bodily functions, and especially its link to treating depression. Unfortunately, this super critical nutrient is pretty deficient in our modern diets, so I’ve turned to this Natural Vitality Calm Anti-Stress Supplement Powder in the Raspberry Lemon flavor. (Soooooo yummy!!!) It’s vegan, verified non-GMO, and comes in either a large bottle (about $25 for 16-ounces) or convenient little individual-sized packets you can take on the go (about $15 for 30 on Amazon).

Natural Vitality Magnesium Anti-Stress Drink
Amir Himalayan Pink Salt Night Lights

#8: HIMALAYAN PINK SALT NIGHT LIGHT. Himalayan pink salt is said to provide health benefits by being a natural ionizer that can have calming and mood-boosting effects. Some dispute those claims, so maybe it’s just a placebo effect but these little night lights sure seems to work for me and my kids. I love these Amir ones I found on Amazon (less than $25 for a pack of two). They’ve lasted forever and the beautiful, warm pink glow is something I just love having in my home. Highly recommend it!

#9: WEIGHTED BLANKET. Last but not least, I’ve gone absolutely bonkers for these weighted blankets. I kid you not: Pressure therapy is a real thing! Putting some light weight around us is proven to calm us down and lower our heart rate… it’s the reason we swaddle babies or put a “Thundershirt” on a dog when s/he’s scared of a storm. I use this YnM brand when I sleep, and it’s great to just wrap up in to read or sip hot tea after a long day, too. It comes in a huge variety of colors and weights/sizes to choose from based on your size and preference. (Options range from 5-30 pounds.) The lower-weight ones are even recommended for kids who struggle with anxiety or behavioral issues! Again, check with a medical professional if you have any concerns and/or to diagnose something more serious, but definitely give this a try to see if it helps you de-stress and sleep better, too! (It’s usually around $65 on Amazon).

YnM Weighted Blanket
YnM Weighted Blanket

Watch this video to see each of the products I mention for yourself! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! 😉

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