Planning out everything that needs to happen in a week is a science, not an art. Follow these 6 tried-&-true tips to ensure your weekly plan is successful!


In this video, I give you a glimpse into how I plan my week and how to set your week up for success. Most importantly, I walk you through the most important things I’ve learned when it comes to planning for work-life balance. I cover how to structure your week, how and when to schedule everything in, and ultimately how to make sure your week is a success. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there! 😉

For soooooo much more, be sure and snag my 50+ page ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Planning (So That Everything Goes ‘According to Plan’). This super detailed yet easy-to-follow guide walks you through a science-backed method I developed from years of academic research on what’s scientifically proven to help us get it all done.

Following this method has enabled me to excel at my demanding career while prioritizing my three young kids. But don’t just take my word for how transformative my Ultimate Guide to Planning is—check out all its great reviews as well!

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In case you’re wondering, my go-to planner for years (and the one you see in the video) is the Tools4Wisdom 8.5×11 planner. It comes in a variety of cover options and colorful designs, but one thing is for sure: I have yet to find another planner that so perfectly fits my planning style!!! Seriously love this thing soooooo much and can’t recommend it highly enough!

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