***REMINDER: This assessment is in no way intended to substitute for professional medical or psychological advice. Rather, it is simply meant to help clarify whether there might be areas in your life that could be improved. Whatever your score, don’t be discouraged. The whole point is to help you identify practical, tractable ways to make things better as quickly as possible!


90% & ABOVE (161-179 points): Wow, I’m so happy for you! It looks like everything is going great and you have good systems in place for living an intentional, fulfilling life. I’m always here to support you in that mission. Keep doing what you’re doing! But if you’re like me, you recognize that the more you know, the more you realize there is to LEARN, which propels you to seek out new information and alternative perspectives to further maximize your potential. So whenever you’re ready to take things to an even HIGHER level, don’t hesitate to reach out for ideas, tools, and other resources you might not already be aware of. Check out my YouTube channel for tons of planning, prioritizing, and productivity advice!

80-89% (143-160 points): Overall things seem to be going pretty well. You recognize that ups and downs are a natural part of life and that even if current circumstances aren’t ideal, the tough stuff won’t last forever. Always remember you’re not alone! No matter where we are, there’s room to grow and improve. Consider exploring more deeply the areas of your life that you WANT to be better, and commit to making them so. Then seek out new ideas, tools, and other resources to help you get there faster, such as my 28-day Simpler Life Challenge and my on-demand Harness Your Time masterclass. I’m always here to help!

70-79% (125-142 points): Based on your score here, you likely fall into one of two camps: either one or two areas of your life are really struggling (even though the rest are pretty decent), or everything in your life is “fine” even though you know it could (or should?!?!) be GREAT. Recognize that your present situation doesn’t define or limit what your future can look like; it’s in your power to take action towards improving whatever feels less than ideal right now. You might find my other ideas, tools, and resources useful for breaking out of your current “rut” and getting a jumpstart on building a life you LOVE. Make sure you Pinpoint Your Priorities and follow these 18 Everyday Essentials to start getting your life back on track. Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can be of help.

60-69% (107-124 points): If things feel tough right now, don’t forget that that’s normal! You are not—I repeat, NOT—alone. Sometimes it’s hard to “see the forest through the trees.” We’re so discouraged by what’s in front of us that we can’t grasp the bigger picture. Hang in there! Someday you’ll laugh looking back at these struggles. The pieces will all make sense, I promise. Where you are does not determine where you CAN GO. So when you’re ready, I’ve got lots of ideas, tools, and resources to help you jumpstart a better tomorrow. My Immediate Intervention Plan is a great first-step to break out of a rut!

60% & BELOW (<107 points): The awesome news is, you recognize that life can be better than it feels right now. You may be going through a hard time, but never forget that your current situation—and especially your score on this “assessment”—is absolutely no reflection of your true value and self-worth. But big or small, whatever you may be going through has a PURPOSE: to lead you towards a more peace-filled path. It’s my mission to help support you with ideas, tools, and resources to not only find it, but actualize it. Never be afraid to seek help (especially from a trusted medical or psychological provider, if necessary). It’s out there so don’t ever be afraid to ask! In the meantime, simple changes like Pinpointing Your Priorities can make a world of difference.