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I’m often asked which planners I recommend, especially for following the process outlined in my “Ultimate Guide to Planning.” While there are obviously tons of helpful digital calendars & planning apps out there (which I’ll cover some other time), I still find that nothing beats going through the process of organizing your thoughts on paper and then gloriously crossing to-do’s off by hand when done.

If you, too, prefer the “old-school” way of planning via paper and pen, below are some of my personal favorites. I love planners with lots of room for goal-setting, note-taking, journaling, and whose weekly pages list out the hours of each day. But remember: it’s whatever YOU prefer. Anything and everything can work, and this free downloadable daily calendar template can be a great place to start if you don’t want to spend any money. 😉

I love that this is both a planner AND a journal, with prompts to schedule my day each morning and reflect on my progress each night.

I’ve used this planner for YEARS. Love that it has so many places to elaborate your goals and outline your priorities, along with room to schedule out what’s going on each day.

This is way more than a planner…it’s an all-in-one life organizer. There’s so much crammed into these pages! I love that it has so much room for note-taking and dot-paper for bullet-journaling or time-tracking.

Most Helpful Planners


All that’s important is that you have a system for organizing your to-do’s, prioritizing your tasks, and scheduling your day. When you intentionally think about what tasks are MOST important for your success and then explicitly block out time to do it, all that’s left is just to sit down and get it done! 😉

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