Planning In Times of Uncertainty

How do you plan during a crisis like the Coronavirus? Can you?!?! I share 9 practical tips for making a new “plan” now that so many of our old ones have gone out the window. Best of all? This advice applies to planning in ANY time of uncertainty!

I know I’m far from the only one whose plans have been thrown off by Covid-19. I’m not trying to complain, just genuinely aware of how uncertainty affects planning and genuinely wanting to offer all of us (myself included!) some important tips for planning in times of uncertainty like these.

If (like me) you’re wondering how to plan when you can’t predict the future, what to do when your plans get ruined, how to plan your life in the midst of a crisis, and specifically how to plan your life during the Coronavirus, then I hope you’ll find these tips helpful! As a self-proclaimed planner, one of the ways I’m trying to cope with the anxiety is by implementing the advice I discuss in this video regarding how to plan in uncertainty.


In this video, I walk you through 9 things we can do to “plan” in the midst of uncertainty. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there! 😉


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