Ever woken up and wondered how you got...here?

It’s easier than ever to feel overwhelmed, burnt out, and ready to give up on it all. But don’t!
Push a reset button and start over instead!
 My 21-step “Ready, Set…RESET!” program guides you through a concrete, ACTIONABLE plan for simplifying your life so you can go from being overwhelmed & exhausted to re-energized & renewed with purpose.

"It was the “Ready, Set, RESET Your Life!” course that actually gave me the courage to make a few huge changes in my life that are all in the works now! I have truly appreciated all the insight and the “push” it provided to me to realign my priorities and rediscover my inner compass. Thank you, Amber!"
-Erin M.


  • You could isolate the source of your underlying frustrations?
  • You identified—and overcame—the false beliefs holding you back?
  • You reconnected with the talents & ambitions you’ve been putting on the back burner?
  • You had a concrete framework for effectively aligning your time with your values?
  • You built in proven productivity, time management, & accountability systems that enable you to not only anticipate “obstacles” but triumph over them?
  • You felt like a brand-new person in just a few short weeks?!?!


 This self-paced course is broken down into 3 overarching units:


In Lessons 1-7, you’ll step back to really evaluate where you’ve been, establish what you want to change, and recommit to why.


In Lessons 8-14, you’ll  carve out where you want to go, what it’s gonna take to get there, and precisely how you’re going to make that happen.


Finally, in Lessons 15-21, you’ll build success in from the start by setting up the specific systems that are scientifically-proven to get you the results you’re seeking.


Instant access to the online course containing over 3 hours of video, 80+ pages of guided worksheets, & tons of science-backed supplementary materials to walk you through each step of the journey!


  • Life Assessment Survey – $97 value
  • False Beliefs Quiz – $47 value
  • 5 D’s to Defeat Despair Ebook – $27 value
  • “How to Know If You Should Quit Something” Workbook – $47 value
  • Peak Performance Tracker to Identify Your Most Productive Windows – $97 value
  • Time-Tracking Spreadsheet – $27 value
  • Task Organizer Worksheets – $27 value
  • How to Make a Vision Board Training + Vision Board Examples- $67 value
  • Gratitude Quiz – $27 value
  • Gratitude Journal Template – $47 value
  • Where to Find Inspiration Resource – $27 value
  • Sample Script to Ask for Help (& What NOT To Do) – $47 value
  • 90-Day Commitment Tracker – $67 value
  • Review: Best Habit Tracker Tools – $27 value
  • Meal Planning Calendar – $17 value
  • Automation Apps & Resources Guide – $27 value

Don't wait! Your better life starts TODAY!


I'm doing much better, thanks to your course! Finally getting things together and not feeling so stressed. WHAT A LIFE CHANGER!
Registered Nurse
Have you ever wondered about signing up for a course and then were so glad you did? The "Ready, Set, Reset Your Life" course is one of those for me. Don't be afraid to dive in! Amber is there for you each step of the way.
This works wonders!!! Amber is my go-to for knowledge & resources about organization & helping get the sluggish feeling out of my schedule.
Homeschooling Mom


The “Ready, Set…RESET!” course is for anyone who is unhappy with their current situation, especially those struggling with more to do than time to do it. If you’re tired of feeling behind, of letting life drag you down, then it’s time to change! A simpler, more joyful life awaits—and it’s a lot easier than you think.

My easy-to-follow lessons will walk you through the process of transforming your mindset, setting clear and meaningful goals, and then putting the underlying structure in place to ensure your success.

By the end of the program, you’ll feel refreshed, have renewed clarity and purpose, and be not only more motivated but also equipped to go after what you want in a whole new way. You’ll be a whole new you!

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The program consists of 21 easy-to-follow lessons, each complete with video tutorials, worksheets, and more. The units are carefully organized into 3 overarching, sequential “units” (essentially 1 unit per week): MIND-SET, GOAL-SET, and STRUCTURE-SET. Each unit has 7 individual lessons that clearly and cohesively walk you through the step-by-step process of resetting your life. 

Knowing how busy we all already are, I intentionally designed the program to be doable in under 30 minutes a day (though of course you’re welcome to take as much time as feels right to YOU). I promise: Transforming your life doesn’t require gobs of time! The important thing is simply to commit to completing each lesson in order so that you build incrementally on the foundation established by the previous steps.

The course is designed to last 21 days—time for you to thoroughly reevaluate your situation, determine what you want to change, and develop a practical plan for successfully doing so. That said, it’s ultimately self-guided so you’re welcome to complete it as quickly or slowly as fits your schedule, needs, and desires. Each lesson is useful on its own, and many of the steps would benefit from pausing to consider them more deeply. Whatever pace you prefer, the important thing is to intentionally set aside time to examine, reflect, and strategize. And don’t worry: access lasts for 1-year so you can always finish the course later and/or revisit certain steps as needed.

This life-changing course (see what others had to say below!) is valued at over $1500, but you can get it all for the simple investment of just $497.

I would never want money to be the reason you couldn’t gain access to this life-altering program so if you’re unable to pay the full price, then just reach out to me so we can come up with a plan that works for YOU!

Absolutely! But the discounted price won’t last long, so go ahead and sign up today! 😉

Absolutely! I’m 100% confident this program will help change your life for the better! But if for any reason you’re not satisfied, just contact me within 60 days after purchase for a full refund.

If/when you’re ready to simplify your life even further, then check out my other tools—especially my personalized productivity coaching services. I offer a variety of formats and packages, complete with a fully customized action plan specially tailored to your unique needs and situation.

Don’t hesitate to email me! 🙂

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Meeting the demands of my high-pressure job as a professor while having 3 kids in 4 years almost came at the cost of my sanity—until I applied my academic research skills to figuring out what’s scientifically shown to help us maximize our productivity and better manage our time so we can achieve the work-life balance and success we’re seeking. Now it’s my mission to help other frazzled women turn their lives around and free up more time for who + what they love, too!