There's nothing like talking with someone who's been through it to help you know you're not alone, you're gonna get through it, and here's how. Let me show you.

I’m a firm believer that there are numerous ways to solve any problem. More importantly, I am adamant that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution! Different situations require different strategies, and sometimes even what worked for us before suddenly stops working. It’s hard to objectively assess all the options ourselves. Sometimes a fresh, outside perspective is exactly what we need!


Each of us is completely capable of figuring things out for ourselves. I know you can, because I did! But that’s not always the best use of our precious time and energy. Here’s why:

  • Despite how we may feel, we’re not the first ones to face these problems. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Turning to an expert who’s been there and can provide the shortcuts helps us reap that same success way faster
  • Let’s face it: There’s TONS of information out there. Do we really have hours (if not days or weeks) to find it ourselves? And even if we did, how do we know what sources are credible? There’s so much conflicting information, so how do we know what’s “right”? Wouldn’t it be easier to save valuable time and energy by having an expert point us to the answers and proven solutions in the first place?!?!
  • When we’re stressed and overwhelmed, we literally CAN’T see things clearly because the hormones fueling our emotions interfere with our rational decision making. In those instances, we need an objective, outside opinion to help us put things in clearer perspective.
  • None of us knows everything. No matter how many things we’ve tried, there’s inevitably more we haven’t thought of. And the best way to solve a problem is to put as many potential solutions on the table as possible. It’s so true what they say: Two heads are better than one!
  • The theory of comparative advantage is all about specializing in what WE do best and most efficiently. Lucky for you, MY specialty is sifting through dense scholarly sources filled with academic jargon and then turning it into clear, concrete steps that ANYONE can understand and adopt. If your specialty is anything else, why not focus on doing what you LOVE instead?


I offer a wide variety of personalized coaching/consultation services related to:

  • PRIORITIZATION: figuring out what matters to you & aligning your time with your values
  • PRODUCTIVITY: how to do more in LESS time, and to do only what MATTERS to you
  • TIME MANAGEMENT: scientifically-proven ways to use your time more effectively
  • WORK-LIFE BALANCE: how to juggle multiple demands while simultaneously caring for ourselves and those we love
  • PLANNING EFFECTIVELY: assessing tasks’ urgency versus importance, and knowing where to start first
  • SETTING REACHABLE GOALS: defining your ambitions and establishing clear, measurable steps to get there
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: ways to learn, grow, and be challenged
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: ways to be better in your career

More specifically, this includes helping clients with:

  • Working LESS but doing MORE  (yes, you read that right…I promise it’s possible!!!)
  • Implementing proven strategies for maximizing productivity and efficiency
  • Assessing which tools and techniques are the best fit for THEIR unique circumstances, personality styles, and end goals
  • Knowing what to focus on FIRST when confronted with a multitude of competing tasks
  • Prioritizing what REALLY matters to them (even though these things don’t necessarily have a clear or immediate “deadline”)
  • Breaking huge, daunting projects into smaller, bite-sized steps that are easily achievable in short increments of time
  • Evaluating what to cut out or minimize in order to to free up time and mental energy for more important things


As an academic researcher and survey data analyst, I’ve accumulated TONS of detailed, scientific information on these topics and then turn it into an arsenal of tools that ANYONE can understand and implement. More importantly, my years of personal experience juggling career and family have provided me ample opportunity to put these techniques into practice, drastically transforming my own life for the better in the process. I’d now love nothing more than the opportunity to share all this knowledge with YOU!!!


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