The Easiest Time Tracking Method EVER

I show you the best way to track your time using an easy pen-and-paper method I developed. This is seriously the simplest time-tracking method ever, which is what makes it the best time tracking method for beginners and the easiest time tracking method ever. It’s not hard to learn, it doesn’t require any specific apps or tools, it’s super fast, and—most importantly—it’s very, VERY informative.

I’ve found this method to be a simple and easy way to track your time, and ultimately the most effective time-tracking method out there. After reviewing why and how to track your time, I show you how to track your time like I do. A simple time tracker like this not only makes time-tracking a cinch but also helps you vastly improve your time management and learn how to use time more effectively.


We all know time is precious but without tracking where our time goes, we can’t know how to use time more effectively. In this video, I show you an easy way to track your time so you can identify where and how to be more productive. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there! 😉


What could be easier than having a pre-made template with which to implement the method I developed?

Just email me requesting your FREE time-tracking sheet and I’ll send it over ASAP!

This resource is modeled after the pen & paper method I developed using the grid paper in Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Planner. What’s great about this FREE sheet though is it’s a pre-made PDF that you can reprint & fill out as many times as you need! How’s that for saving time?!?!

Contact me to snag this ***FREE*** handout for yourself!


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