Three Tips to Be More Intentional

With all the craziness of the Coronavirus, time is more precious than ever! How can we eliminate distractions and stay present in the moment? I share 3 tips to be more intentional—things I’m doing to stay focused and get things done.

Life as a busy working mom of three young kids was never easy, but it’s gotten a heck of a lot busier since schools closed for the Coronavirus quarantine and I’m now needing to not only still get my work tasks done, but homeschool my kids full-time as well!

All this has made me realize more than ever how important it is for me to be INTENTIONAL with my time: to focus solely on what’s right in front of me and the moment I’m in rather than allow my time & attention to be divided by the million things I need/want to do.

These three tips to be more intentional with your time will help you eliminate distractions, stay in the present moment, and force yourself to focus on the blessings right in front of you!


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