What I Hope You Come Away With

If I can help you with the following things, I’ll consider my mission accomplished. 🙂



Shed what doesn’t serve you. Clear your plate, clarify your path. Simplicity isn’t an end-point; it’s a continuum. Some days are better than others but we always have the opportunity to choose less stress and more joy.


You ARE already enough. Other people’s opinions don’t matter. You don’t need permission. It’s not a competition. Love yourself, love others, love life. You got this! Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back—not even yourself. Growth comes from being pushed beyond our comfort zone. You’ll never know if you don’t try. 


It’s your life–live it! Stop blaming anyone or anything. Take ownership of what you CAN control and run with it. Trust that you will figure out whatever you need to learn to make it happen. Be intentional. The only failure is failing to get out there and try.


Whether you have a formal “job” or not, whether you have kids or not…we all struggle to juggle our selves and ambitions while meeting the demands thrust upon us. In my experience, “balance” looks more like a wild roller-coaster ride than perfect equilibrium, but I adamantly believe that doing what we love makes us even better FOR those we love.


Only WE get to define what matters. Success is the natural byproduct of aligning our efforts with our priorities. Maintaining firm boundaries is hard when confronted with endless obligations and enticing opportunities. But the great news is, this is a learnable SKILL that anyone–yes, you–can improve.


Stop using time as an excuse. Conditions are never going to be perfect. Just get going! We all have the same number of hours in a day. Use each minute wisely!


Accomplish the RIGHT things more easily, efficiently, and excellently by identifying where you need/want to focus and eliminating distractions. Use scientifically-proven tools and tricks to get more done in even less time.


The more we know, the more the infinitely unknown beckons. We are constantly evolving, adapting, becoming. Embrace change! No matter how “stuck” you feel, there’s a way forward.


You are NOT alone. I’m here, I’ve been there, I’m still searching and struggling—and the great news is: We don’t have to reinvent the wheel! There’s absolutely no judgement on my end. In fact, if anyone seems to have it all figured out, I guarantee you three things: 1) It wasn’t always that way; they’ve probably struggled super hard to get to where they are. 2) Chances are THEY don’t think they have it all figured out. And/or 3) As soon as anyone dares to think they have it figured out, life has that funny way of sending a new curveball to send us right back to square one. So don’t compare yourself to anyone else; just do you!


Laughing makes everything better. And sometimes, things get so rough that laughing is literally all we can do. But life is meant to be FUN, so lighten up! Laughing is one of the best things you can do for both your mental and physical health. Choose joy. ALWAYS!


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